UN (IP) - Iran's Deputy Representative to the United Nations said that the country was ready to connect the two regions as the intermediary link between Southern Asia and Central Asia.

Iran PressAmerica: Speaking in a meeting of the UN General Assembly on Monday, Zahra Ershadi said that for Iran the connectivity between Central and South Asia as well as the comprehensive and consistent development of ties in all areas between the two regions' states were of particular importance. 

"My delegation also encourages the continuation and advancement of the Central and South Asia cooperation by expanding transport and communication infrastructure and international transport corridors that open convenient, commercially and safe routes to seaports such as Termez-Mazare-Sharif-Herat-Zahedan-Chabahar, and Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan-Iran-Pakistan railways," she said.

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Edrshadi pointed to the negative impacts of the sanctions on the connectivity of the southern-central Asian regions and urged not to politicize such an important issue. 

The Iranian envoy said: "We are of the view that connectivity plays a key role in trade, economic growth and sustainable development, enhances regional cooperation and fosters friendly relations between neighboring states and in this regard, we highlight the important role of regional organizations such as ECO in enhancing inter and intra-regional connectivity."


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