Tehran (IP) - The embassies of Iran and Saudi Arabia are set to reopen by May 9, Director General for the Persian Gulf Affairs of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Alireza Enayati said.

Iran PressIran news: The two countries agreed to resume diplomatic relations after seven years during talks in Beijing on March 10.

As part of the agreement, the foreign ministers of both countries will meet during this time.

Referring to the visit of the Saudi delegation to Tehran, Enayati said: "The delegation visited their embassy in Tehran and on Friday they left for Mashhad and visited their consulate general in that city."

The director general of the Persian Gulf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran stated that this Saudi delegation will return to Riyadh and subsequently, another delegation from Saudi Arabia will come to Iran to discuss how to reopen the Saudi embassy and consulate general.

Enayati also pointed to the Iranian delegation's trip to Saudi Arabia and said that last Wednesday, two delegations from the Islamic Republic went to Saudi Arabia, one delegation was stationed in Riyadh and the other was in Jeddah.

Talking about the Sultan of Oman's trip to Tehran, Enayati added that this trip is definitely on the agenda, and Iran is in contact with the Omani authorities to set the exact time of the trip.


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