The Head of the Iranian delegation in the ongoing Vienna talks to remove the unlawful sanctions met with the Austrian Foreign Minister here on Monday.

Iran PressEurope: Iran's Ambassador to Austria Abbas Bagherpour who was also present in the meeting wrote in his Twitter account that " Fruitful meeting bw/ @Bagheri_Kani & @a_schallenberg;

- Common interests of both sides to deepen existing bilateral relations were emphasized.

-Latest developments concerning ongoing Vienna Talks were reviewed.

-We appreciate Austria's important role in hosting the Talks."

Negotiating teams of Iran and Russia are holding a bilateral meeting in Vienna, where Iran and the P4+1 hold talks to remove sanctions.

The meeting just began on Sunday noon (UTC+3:30), attended by Iran’s chief negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani and Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Affairs Mehdi Safari as well as the Russian representative Mikhail Ulyanov.

The 8th round of talks in the Capital of Austria between Iran and other parties in the framework of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) would resume on Tuesday, December 7, 2021.

The participants in the Vienna talks, after consulting in their capitals, will continue to discuss the prospect of a possible return of the United States to the JCPOA and how to ensure the full and effective implementation of the agreement by all parties.

Iran has previously made its demands clear by submitting two drafts and a final pack and now its other parties’ turn to make their political decision.