Indonesia (IP) - Overcoming New Caledonia football team 5-0, Iran's U 17 team managed to ascend the next stage in order to join the 8 top teams of the world.

Iran PressAsia:   In the next four days, the Iranian junior football players will face Morocco's team in Surabaya, Indonesia, and try to reach the top eight teams of the U-17 World Cup underway in the country.

The Iranian football players first defeated their Brazilian rivals 3-2, but when faced the UK players, they were overcome in a close competition due to a goal the British team scored in minute 90.

But, tonight, the Iranian players scored 5 goals in their match against the New Caledonia team and managed to ascend to the next stage with 6 points.

Amir-Mohammad Razeghinia scored 2 goals, Reza Ghandipour 2 goals, and Kasra Taheri 1 goal for Iran.   

Like England and Brazil, the Iranian players achieved 6 points, but due to the lower goal difference compared to the two teams, Iran's team was placed in third place in Group C, until they faced Morocco, the leader of Group A.


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