Tehran (IP) - The spokesman of the Budget Integration Commission of Iran’s parliament says the total income of the government from taxes in the next year’s budget has increased.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Rahim Zare elaborated on the approvals of the next year's budget in the commission regarding the government’s revenue clauses.

The spokesman of the Parliamentary Budget Integration Commission announced the allocation of 15% of customs duties and commercial profits from the import of cosmetics for the treatment of special patients. 

He said: "The government is required to levy a 10 percent tax on all physicians next Iranian year (Starting from March 21st)."

According to another approval of the Budget Integration Commission, for all individuals and entities who have not paid their taxes by the end of this year, the Iranian National Tax Administration will withdraw 30% of the deferred tax claims from their bank accounts.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on the sidelines of the press conference, Zare referred to the differences between the government and the parliament over the different rates for foreign currencies, saying: "17,500 tomans will be the basis of calculation for dollar in the budget."

Zare said that the parliament has been working on next year's budget, to create jobs and improve people's livelihood.


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