A spokesman for France's "Yellow Vest" protests underlined that the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran inspired protests in his country.

Iran Press/ Europe: "Undoubtedly, popular movements like the Islamic Revolution of Iran had many reflections and led to the awakening of people around the world and protesters in France," Spokesman for France's "Yellow Vest" protests Alexandre Beauvais-Chiva said.

Alexandre Beauvais-Chiva, rejected violence committed by protesters and said: "99 percent of "Yellow vest" protesters support non-violence protest and they just want to declare their protest through legal means. What media shows is only one percent of the protesters' action and we reject their violent actions completely," Spokesman of France's "Yellow Vest" protest told ANA News Agency.

"At first protesters' goal was reduction of taxes but now people want just two things. One government respecting their rights and the second one is hearing people's voices by government," Spokesman of France's "Yellow Vest" protest added.

"Yellow Vest protesters just want their legitimate rights. Freedom and equality just what is defined in France constitution," Alexandre Beauvais-Chiva said.

 "Police crackdown on protesters show that there is no freedom in France," Spokesman for France's "Yellow Vest" protests

France has deployed thousands of security forces to the capital Paris ahead of new round of massive “yellow vest” protests.

Beauvais-Chiva said:"It is not democratic that one people as President have all power. Also Emmanuel Macron himself is not qualified for presidency. We want to hold up a referendum so people get their rights democratically. By holding up referendum, people's voice and demands will be heard."

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He rejected any foreign interference in "Yellow Vest" protest, but said: "We don’t deny that this protest inspired from some revolutions and movements. Like Iran revolution in 1979 which people fight against tyranny to reach democracy. But we totally reject any foreign hands in the "Yellow Vest" protests."

Yellow Vest demonstrators began gathering on the Champs-Elysees in Paris on Saturday morning for a fifth weekend of protests in defiance of calls by the French government to stay home.

French President Emmanuel Macron, facing the biggest crisis of his presidency, announced a series of concessions on Monday to defuse the explosive "yellow vest" movement which sprang up in rural and small-town France last month.

The last Saturdays have been marked by violent demonstrations, with burning barricades, pillaging and clashes with police in cities across France.

Until now, a clear majority of French people had backed the protests, which sprung up initially over tax hikes on transport fuel before snowballing into widespread opposition to Macron's pro-business agenda and style of governing.


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