Tehran (IP)- Bijan Namdar Zangeneh, Iran's oil minister said that Petrochemical production at the beginning of 2013 was about $ 12 billion, which will reach $ 25 billion by the end of this government (next summer).

Iran Press/Iran News: In 2025, petrochemical production will reach $ 37 billion, which has always been the focus of the Leader of the Revolution, said Zanganeh on Thursday at the opening ceremony of oil ministry's national projects in West Azerbaijan, Markazi and Hormozgan provinces.

He explained: The plan to produce the western ethylene line was approved in 2002, which is actually the longest ethylene transmission line in the world with 1,660 kilometers and has reached from the south of the country to Tabriz (northwest of Iran).

Zanganeh said that ethylene production in the country is increasing, adding that this year ethylene production will reach 7 million tons,  2 million tons of which will be used in the western line.

On Thursday mourning, three important oil projects, including the construction of the Goureh-Jask pipeline, Miandoab Petrochemical and the Normal Hegzane production line, have been commissioned by the President's order, which they will not only meet the country's domestic needs, but they can strengthen Iran's international energy presence.


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