Tehran (IP) - The member of the Majlis' economic commission has said the issue of bitcoin has been reviewed and scrutinised in the economic commission.

Iran Press/Iran news: On the sidelines of a parliamentary open session on Tuesday (23 July 2019), a member of the economic commission of the Iranian parliament, Fatemeh Hosseini pointed out that, the issue of bitcoin is being carefully reviewed in the economic commission of the Majlis, and the subject will be discussed and overseen by the parliament.

"This issue is very important for us and we had a meeting in the parliament with the ministers of economy, energy, industry, mine, and trade and also the head of the central bank of Iran about it," she said in an interview with Iran Press reporter.

She referred to possibilities opened up by bitcoin for Iran's economy, saying, "Due to the unfair and illegal US sanctions against Iran, I believe bitcoin could be an opportunity for our trade and economy."


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