Iran's non-oil exports from Hormozgan ports increased

Hormozgan (IP) - The director of eastern ports of Hormozgan province, southern Iran, says the export of non-oil goods from the ports has grown by 46%.

Iran PressIran news: Elaborating on the activities of the eastern ports of Hormozgan on Tuesday, Hamid Reza Mohammad-Hosseini said the growth of non-oil exports in the first 4-month of the current (Persian) year indicates the expansion of Iran's trade and economic exchanges with the Persian Gulf's countries.

"The most important non-oil goods exported from these ports were sulfur, iron products, construction materials, and foodstuffs," Mohammad-Hosseini added. 

There are five ports in the east of Hormozgan province, in the south of Iran, in the Persian Gulf, and the Sea of Oman, which play an important role in the transit and export of Iranian goods and maritime trade.


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