Bandar Anzali (IP) - In a noteworthy revelation, the head of Iran's Ministry of Defense surface vessels group has disclosed plans for the imminent unveiling of destroyers with a substantial tonnage of 6,000 tons.

Rear Admiral Davoud Qolizadeh shared this promising update with reporters during the Deilaman destroyer's joining ceremony, held on Monday at the Fourth Naval Region of Imam Reza (AS) in the Caspian Sea.

The Deilaman frigate, celebrated for its recent integration into the Iranian Navy, was spotlighted during this announcement.

Rear Admiral Qolizadeh emphasized the vessel's impressive capabilities, highlighting its three-month sea endurance and its proficiency in handling a spectrum of targets—surface, subsurface, and aerial.

This enhanced durability at sea is attributed to a strategic augmentation in the volume of fuel tanks within the Deilaman frigate, reinforcing its operational prowess.

Additionally, the disclosure of radar avoidance as a distinctive feature underscores Iran's commitment to advancing naval technologies, positioning the country at the forefront of maritime innovation.204

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