Iran’s measures in the management of non-communicable diseases can be emulated in the Middle East, a WHO official said on Thursday.

Iran Press/Iran News: World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director for Eastern Mediterranean Ahmad al-Manzari, who has paid a visit to Iran, said that the national action plan of Iran to manage non-communicable diseases must take into account by the regional states.

He termed the COVID-19 as an opportunity for health systems in the world to get well-prepared for possible future pandemics by making structural changes.

Earlier on Wednesday, he said that Iran’s successful policies in the battle with COVID-19 will be shared with other states, IRNA reported.

The Iranian health personnel is doing well in the fight against the pandemic, he underlined.

He further noted that Iran is conducting research and producing vaccines to this end.

Recently, the domestically produced vaccine for the coronavirus dubbed COV-Pars has been unveiled in Iran. The product that has been developed by Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute is an inhalable vaccine.