Tehran (IP) - An array of anti-warship cruise missiles with different ranges has so far been developed in Iran, including the Kowsar cruise missile, which is capable of evading diversion systems.

Iran PressIran News: As a smart cruise missile, Kowsar was manufactured by Iran's Aerospace Industries Organization, affiliated with the Defense Ministry, to hit marine and submarine targets.

The missile has been designed in accordance with the environmental features of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea and is capable of evading diversion systems.

Kowsar is capable of hitting targets from coast to sea, sea to sea, and air to sea, causing small and medium-sized ships to sink. 

It enjoys a searching system and is similar to the Chinese FL8 anti-ship missile. 

Kowsar 1, Kowsar 2, and Kowsar 3 are three types that are different from each other, at least in weight and range.

Kowsar 1 is about 100 kg and its blades are more than 0.5 meters, with a speed of 0.8 Mach and a range of 15 to 19 km. It has four cross-shaped wings with four smaller tail blades to control it.

Still, Kowsar 1 is 2.5 m in length, 18 cm in diameter, and 105 kg in weight and has a solid fuel booster with stored fuel. It is equipped with a video guidance system or millimeter-wave radar. The warhead is 29 kg to hit armored targets effectively. 

Kowsar 2 is 110 kg in weight, and 1 Mach in speed, has a range of 25 km. Kowsar 3 also is 120 kg in weight, a speed of about 0.8 Mach, a range of 25 km, and a warhead of 120 kg. 

Zolfaqar speed boat, Shahed 285 helicopter, and Karrar assault drone have been equipped with the missile. 

It is capable of hitting targets of 5*25 m.   

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Different types of Kowsar missiles have capabilities such as anti-jamming systems, infrared homing, television guidance, and millimeter radar, which doubles their combat ability.

They have an advanced fire control system and are able to deal with any kind of electronic disturbance. Its radar cross-section (RCS) is low, making it more radar evasive when operating.

One of the Kowsar versions is equipped with an infrared homing system. 

The missile uses infrared radiation emitted from the target to find and hit it. Infrared search missiles are also known as 'heat detector' missiles. 

The type of television or electro-optical guidance cannot be deflected and deceived by the enemy's electronic warfare systems due to its low radar cross-section and electronic anti-interference system.

When encountering virtual targets, it distinguishes the main target from the non-main one and destroys it by locking on the target.


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