Kish (IP)- Iran's First Vice President has reaffirmed the Raisi administration's commitment to developing the country's islands.

Iran PressIran news: Mohammad Mokhber emphasized the Iranian Islands' immense potential for tourism, coastal resource exploitation, and maritime economic growth.

In a meeting on Thursday with relevant officials, Mokhber stated that the government has a comprehensive plan to unlock the islands' untapped potential. 

He urged the prompt implementation of approved initiatives, including the construction and completion of residential projects, medical centers, and public transportation infrastructure.

The meeting also focused on fostering job creation through various initiatives, such as completing half-finished projects with a focus on employment generation, developing ports and port facilities, implementing tourism projects and cultural centers, and promoting aquaculture, shipbuilding, and ornamental stone production.

Mokhber emphasized the importance of collaboration among government bodies to ensure the effective implementation of these programs and the realization of Iran's maritime economic aspirations. 


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