Iran's Interior Minister and his accompanying delegation met with the Iraqi Prime Minister on Thursday and the two sides discussed the Arbaeen walking ceremony.

Iran PressMiddle East: This year's Arbaeen is on 26 Shahrivar 1401(Iranian calendar), and Iranian pilgrims are greatly eager to participate in the Arbaeen walking ceremony this year due to the reopening of land borders for the first time after the Covid-19 lockdowns.

A large number of Muslims and followers of other divine religions used to walk from the city of Najaf and other Iraqi cities to reach his holy shrine in Karbala paying respect to Imam Hussain (AS).

Al-Kazemi Office announced that in this meeting, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior of Iran discussed bilateral relations between the two neighboring countries, ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation and support joint coordination in areas that are in line with the interests of the two nations.

In this meeting, the efforts of the Iraqi side in facilitating the entry of Iranian Arbaeen pilgrims, their organization, accommodation and support were discussed.

In this meeting, Ahmad Vahidi emphasized the importance of strengthening cooperation between Tehran and Baghdad in all fields.

Iran's Interior Minister Vahidi arrived in Baghdad on Friday to talk with Iraq's Interior Minister.

Investigating the situation of Arbaeen pilgrims and coordinating with Iraqi officials in this field in order to provide more services to Arbaeen pilgrims is one of the reasons for Vahidi's visit to Iraq. 219

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