The head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organisation (IAEO) announced Iran's recent nuclear achievements, among them production and design of modern 20-percent enriched nuclear fuel.

Iran Press/ Iran news: The head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) Ali Akbar Salehi said on Sunday that Iran has been able to master completely this nuclear science based technology.

IAEO's chief also said: "Iran has advanced to such a stage in nuclear science and technology that we can now design our own enriched nuclear fuel, whereas previously we used 'reverse engineering techniques', using other peoples design of nuclear fuel. This is a great achievement for Iran."

According to an Iran Press report, Ali Akbar Salehi added: "The Tehran nuclear reactor worked using old-style 20 percent nuclear fuel, but we have now designed a modern version of the 20 percent enriched nuclear fuel, which is in accordance with international standards, and we have successfully switched the reactor's fuel to this modern version, and this means the efficiency of the Tehran nuclear reactor will increase."

Salehi also said the design of the control room of the reactor, and the design of nuclear fuel are two real challenges in civilian nuclear industry, and today Iranian experts and engineers can handle the design of a nuclear reactor."

Ali Akbar Salehi concluded by saying: "We have coded scientific and physics formulas into our software, and after a verification process, to ensure the formula and software really works, we are using this software to design nuclear reactors."

Earlier on December 13, 2018, Ali Akbar Salehi said on a visit to Fordow enrichment facility that whenever the establishment decides, 20% uranium enrichment will restart.

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He added: “Our nuclear activities are advancing very well. Although we have accepted restrictions but they do not prevent us from pursuing peaceful nuclear activities. Enrichment is underway and whenever we decide, we will abandon the 300 kg limit and will enrich uranium at any level and any volume that we wish.”

The Iranian nuclear chief said: “One of the restrictions that we have accepted is the amount and percentage of enrichment that we have decided to limit to 3.67,” adding that as long as the nuclear deal also known as the JCPOA exists, Iran will not enrich uranium to 20%.

He stressed that 3% enrichment is still going on at the moment, which means Iran nuclear activities have not stopped, adding “we have 1044 centrifuges machines at Fordow and whenever the Establishment decides, we will resume 20% uranium enrichment.” 203/ 211 /103


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