The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Geneva stated that the Israeli regime, with its arsenal of nuclear weapons and secret nuclear activities, is a great threat to international and regional peace and security.

Iran PressEurope: Iran's ambassador to International organizations in Geneva, On Tuesday, in the opening speech of the2024 Conference on Disarmament, said: "The Israeli regime is the only obstacle on the way to a zone free of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East and continues to accumulate all kinds of weapons of mass destruction without being subject to any safeguards or verification mechanisms."

Bahraini added: "For more than seven decades, the Israeli regime has continued to openly violate the laws and basic principles of international law, especially international humanitarian law and international human rights law."

He said: "Also, a brazen nuclear threat by the Israeli regime against Gaza and another one by the prime minister of this regime against Iran in September 2023 has been posed, which is a clear violation of the basic principles of international law, including the NPT and the UN Charter."

Bahraini stressed that It is time to take collective measures to curb and end the heinous crimes of the Israeli regime and its illegal nuclear activities.

In the end, the Iranian diplomat said: "Iran, like other non-nuclear countries, is concerned about the current situation and asks the countries with nuclear weapons to fulfill their international obligations in the framework of the NPT and commit to destroying all their nuclear arsenals."

After India and Indonesia, Iran will chair the disarmament conference for four weeks from March 18, 2024. 219 

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