Tehran (IP) - Iranian scientists have once again shown the power of Iranian science and technology in the field of medicine by producing a special vaccine for Omicron variant.

Iran PressIran News: The strange and unprecedented increase in the number of Omicron strains in the world has caused different countries to try to make a special Omicron vaccine.

On Wednesday Barakat Iran Pharmaceutical group announced that the mass production of this vaccine has started due to the promising results of animal studies of the corona vaccine for Omicron strain.

Of course, Bahram Einollahi Iran's Minister of Health and Medical Education, had previously said on the sidelines of a visit to the Barakat vaccine factory that Iranian scientists would be able to use the equipment at their disposal to produce vaccine for each new strain of corona.

According to Iran Press News Agency, a public relations official of Barakat Iran Pharmaceutical Group has announced that latest news about the mass production of the special corona vaccine for Omicron will be provided to the mass media soon.

The recent success of Iranian scientists in developing the Omicron strain vaccine is significant because the new Omicron strain is becoming more and more popular, and scientific reports indicate that this variant has escaped the antibodies produced by the antibodies.

In fact, current corona vaccines have shown little effect against omicron strains, and this has raised concerns.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a statement condemning the policy of repeated injections of booster doses and calling on vaccine manufacturers to update their vaccines according to the prevailing strains.

Reports indicate that Iranian scientists, one month after the identification of a new strain of omicron Iran performed Animal phase studies of special vaccine of omicron strain in

Preliminary results show that the new Barakat vaccine can neutralize 100% of the Omicron strain in animal studies.


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