Iran army has brought honor to the country: Ayat. Jannati

In a meeting with the Deputy Coordinator of the Iranian Army Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, the Secretary of the Guardian Council (GC) said that Iran's army is in a very good position, which is the result of brilliant management and revolutionary performance of the army commanders.

Iran Press/Iran news: Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati said that: "The Islamic Republic of Iran Army is a doctrinaire and revolutionary army under the command of the Supreme leader and such an army will certainly achieve a higher status with these important features."

Ayatollah Jannati also advised the Rear Admiral Sayyari to inform the people more and officials about the public services and anti-poverty programs that the army has made so far.

The Deputy Coordinator of the Iranian Army Rear Admiral Sayyari also presented a report about the Army's public services to eliminate deprivation across the country, saying that: "The army has made more entry into the area of deprivation and addressing public needs in deprived areas than before; In recent years, in less-favored areas of the country, such as in the south-east and west of Iran, many measures have been taken to eliminate deprivation by providing free public services".

Elsewhere in his remarks, Admiral Sayyari emphasized the military's ability to build modern military equipment, adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran possesses the expertise and capability to build very important equipment such as destroyers, submarines, fighters, overhaul of various types of aircraft and helicopters, tanks and a variety of defense and radar systems.

"With this ability, the country has been able to build much modern equipment," he stressed.

"Relying on the creative ideas and minds of young Iranian scientists and professionals, the country has reached a desirable point in creating the infrastructure necessary for the production of modern military equipment," he stated.

He went on to add that: "For example, since the 2000s, the Islamic Republic of Iran has joined a handful of modern destroyer makers, and in the same decade we succeeded in developing the first indigenous destroyer called Jamaran. Different classes are under construction; in spite of the country's arms embargo, we have been able to access this knowledge and infrastructure in the field of equipment manufacturing, and this could not have been achieved except by utilizing the capabilities of our country's youth and professionals."


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