Iran's First Vice President Es'haq Jahangiri on Saturday emphasized that insult and enmity cannot be promoted in the name of freedom, saying that the West must stop the cycle of insult and violence.

Iran Press/Iran News: Addressing the seventh session of the Coordination Headquarters for Cultural Engineering Map on Saturday, he congratulated the Iranian people and Muslims worldwide on the Week of Unity, saying that this week has been ornamented with the name of the Prophet of mercy, kindness, and tolerance.

"It is the honor of all Muslims to be educated and grown up in this great school and to follow in the footsteps of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH)," Jahangiri said.

He regretted the unfortunate incidents and news of insults and violence released in the West, saying that no one should insult the Prophet of Islam in the name of freedom and democracy, IRNA reported.

The official went on to say that such behavior is intolerable for the two billion Muslims around the world who treat the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as a role model.

"Beheading people and attacking holy sites of other religions with religious justification is not accepted at all," Iran's first vice-president reiterated.

Noting that insulting Muslims will certainly have its repercussions, Jahangiri hoped that the French President Emmanuel Macron would understand how harmful this can be.