Tehran (IP) – Iran and Russia inked a document to standardize agricultural products to boost mutual economic ties.

Iran PressIran news: The first press conference of the world's cryptocurrency associations and blockchain activists under the title "Technoblock" was held at Tehran's presidential development and cooperation center.

In this meeting, guests from Russia, including a member of the State Duma and the head of the Blockchain Association of this country, were present and discussed the cooperation between Iran and Russia in the field of the international digital economy.

Iran's Head Master of Plant Protection Organization, Shahpour Alaei-Moghadam, stated that an important document was signed for the first time to bolster food diplomacy between the two countries in plant-based agriculture.

The document paves the way for Iran's exports to Russia.

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As he pointed out, information related to optimal management, issuance of all health certificates, alignment, and standardization of the use of pesticides would be exchanged in an integrated manner based on the document. Accordingly, all health certificates for products between Iran and Russia will be issued electronically.

Implementing the agreement, the official concluded that Iran's agricultural products export to Russia would be accelerated, and the export volume would double in a short time.


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