Vienna talks

Following intensive consultations in Vienna, the heads of diplomatic delegations of Iran, Russia, and China to the JCPOA Joint Commission held a trilateral meeting in Vienna held a meeting on Wednesday at the Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran Press/Europe: The participants in this meeting while surveying the tree countries’ stands, tried to discuss and coordinate their stands on some issues of higher significance in two major fields of terminating the sanctions and nuclear issues.

At the meeting, the representatives of Russia and China, while recalling Iran's active role in the progress of the talks, reiterated their support for the effective lifting of sanctions against the Iranian people.

The three countries were also agreed on the point that the negotiations needed to be expedited.

Meetings and consultations among the Iranian and the G4+1 countries in the framework of trilateral, bilateral and multilateral meetings continue in Vienna aimed at contributing to the faster resolving of the issue.

On Tuesday, the head of the Iranian delegation Abbas Araghchi had a meeting with Enrique Mora, the deputy secretary general of the EU foreign relations office and the heads of the three EU delegations in the negotiations.