In a letter to the President of the Security Council and UN Secretary-General, Iran's envoy to the United Nations protested against the bellicose and threatening statements of Israeli officials against Iran.

Iran PressAmerica: Referring to the recent statements of Eyal Holata, National Security Advisor and Chairman of the National Security Council of the Israeli regime, in a letter, Majid Takht-Ravanchi, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Iran to the United Nations against Iran, announced that the Israeli regime continues to threaten to use force against Iran.

Iran's envoy added: "These statements publicly confirm the responsibility of the sabotage operations and terrorist actions of the Israeli regime in Iran."

In this letter, it is mentioned that in an interview on July 14, 2022, Eyal Holata, the head of the National Security Council of the Israeli regime, openly threatened Iran with more terrorist operations, saying: "We (Israel)  have rarely acted in Iran over the past year." He also stated that "Israel will act independently against the Islamic Republic of Iran, regardless of Washington's opinion on this issue", adding: "This is only a continuation of what it has done in the past year."

In this letter, it is emphasized that these provocative statements are not only a clear violation of international law and the United Nations Charter, but also a clear acknowledgment of the responsibility of the Israeli regime's terrorist operations and actions against Iranian officials and scientists, and the peaceful nuclear infrastructure that has been carried out by this regime in recent years inside the territory of Iran.

It also proves the fact that the Israeli regime is responsible for such criminal and terrorist acts and must be held accountable and accept the consequences of such crimes.

This letter also refers to the recent statements of Benny Gantz, the Israeli regime's Minister of Defence, who once again resorted to lies and a misinformation campaign against Iran's peaceful nuclear program, and claimed in an interview on July 26, 2022, that Israel has the ability to seriously damage and postponing Iran's nuclear program.

In Iran's statement, the Security Council is asked to adhere to its charter obligations to maintain international peace and security and to condemn the war-mongering policies and malicious activities of the Israeli regime, which is a real threat to international peace and security. 219

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