Gorgan (IP) - The Mufti of the Russian Muslim community said that holding conferences like the regional international summit of Islamic unity shows the failure of the enemy's conspiracy.

Iran PressIran News: The Muslim Mufti of Russia’s Volgograd Oblast, Sheikh Kafa Muhammad Batan, in an interview with Iran Press, said in such conferences, different Islamic religions sit together and discuss, which shows that there is no fundamental difference between them.

Speaking on the sidelines of the second regional Islamic Unity Conference held in Gorgan of Golestan Province, he emphasized that the importance of holding the regional international summit of Islamic Unity is that it practically shows that the statements made about religious differences are not true.

Mohammad Abbas Vaziri, a Pakistani cleric, also said Sunnis and Shiites are working together and talking to create a united community.

Vaziri emphasized that the slogan of Iran after the victory of the Islamic Revolution was unity, which is the decree of the holy Quran.

Mohammad Abbas Vaziri said if Muslims want to live in the way recommended by the holy Quran, they must have unity, and every wise person knows that they can live in the shadow of unity, not division.

The Pakistani cleric stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always tried to strengthen unity and today, with these efforts, the 'culture of unity' has been realized.


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