Tehran (IP)- Stating that Iran will not budge from its stance, the president advised the Americans to see the facts and learn from the past instead of repeating the failed experience of maximum pressure on the country.

Iran PressIran News: Ebrahim Raisi stated in the cabinet meeting today: "The Americans said that Iran should return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), but the US withdrew from the deal."

The president added: "Today, not just for the Europeans as US' allies in negotiation with Iran but for the whole world, the question is raised, why did America not adhere to its obligations in the JCPOA and withdraw from it?"

Referring to the visit of American officials to the region, Raisi emphasized: "If the visits of American officials to the countries of the region are to strengthen the position of the Zionist regime and normalize the relations of the regime with some countries, then their efforts will not create security for the Zionists in any way."

Addressing the leaders of the United States, the president said, "If you want to know the effect of your actions in the region, look at the position of the nations with open eyes, as the hatred of the Zionists and the crimes of the regime has increased in their hearts."

Raisi also emphasized that the Islamic Republic of Iran is closely monitoring all developments in the region and noted: "We have repeatedly told those who have brought messages from the Americans that if the slightest movement is made against the territorial integrity of Iran, it will be met with our decisive reaction."

In another part of his speech, the president mentioned improving welfare infrastructure in the field of higher education and emphasized the necessity of developing, renovating, and equipping student dormitories, especially married student dormitories, calling for detailed planning for the participation of the public and philanthropists as well as the cooperation of foundations and institutions involved in the construction of these dormitories.

Raisi also emphasized the attention of the institutions to provide proper service to the people and their demands; Moreover, by stating that there is nothing more important than serving the people and maintaining peace and hope in the society, he called increasing the social capital and hope in the hearts of the people as the super project of his administration.

The president noted: "All the government officials should consider themselves obliged to create hope in the society and anyone who is indifferent to the people's affairs and, knowingly or unknowingly, disappoints the people is going against the system and the government's strategy."


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