Tehran (IP) - Iran-Palestine Parliamentary Friendship Group has called "Resistance" the only way to free the Palestinian nation.

Iran PressIran news: In a statement on Thursday, the group asked the Secretary General of the United Nations to end the silence and inaction of the organization regarding the crimes of the Zionist regime.

"The Zionist regime's crimes in the West Bank are another proof of the legitimacy of the Palestinian nation in its all-out struggle against this regime," said the statement.

It hailed the Resistance as the only way to liberate the Palestinian nation and defeat any compromise and thwart the normalization of relations with the fake regime.

"The silence and passivity of the international community against the crimes of the Zionist regime in Jenin indicate the double standards of human rights advocates in the face of the clear violation of basic human rights," it added.

The statement stated, "Palestinian Resistance is rooted in the desire and will of Palestinian youth throughout the Palestine land, including Jenin, Nablus, Ramallah, Quds, Gaza, etc, and the killing of Palestinian youths in Jenin not only does not reduce their will but also makes them more determined to continue the path of Resistance."

"Iran's parliament (Majlis) and the Iran-Palestine Parliamentary Friendship Group, while emphasizing the need for the unity of the Islamic world and especially the Islamic parliaments to confront the unbridled crimes of the Zionist child-killing regime, calls on the UN Secretary-General to end the silence and inaction in the face of the crimes of the Zionist regime and asks the United Nations to take immediate and effective action to liberate the oppressed Palestinian nation from the hands of the child-killing Zionist regime," concluded the statement.