Iran, Italy to begin a new era of cultural, artistic relations

Tehran (IP) - Ms. Yaroslava Romanova, Cultural Attaché of the Italian embassy in Iran said: "We are trying to establish a new period of artistic and cultural relations between the two countries after COVID-19 disease with the cooperation of active cultural and artistic collections with historical background in Iran."

Iran PressIran news: During her visit to Niavaran Cultural Center and the 11th National Biennial of Contemporary Iranian Ceramic Art, Yaroslava Romanova said: "We welcome interaction and cooperation in holding art events with Niavaran Cultural Center."

She described the works presented in the exhibition as very glorious and epistemological.

The Cultural Attaché of the Italian embassy, ​​referring to the history of cultural and artistic relations between the two countries and its impact on Iran and Italy's friendship, said: "Art and culture to be formed between the two countries after the Coronavirus."

The visit was attended by Mr. Ebadreza Eslami Kolaee, the Consultant of Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and the President of Niavaran Cultural Center, and Farbod Hemmat Azad, secretary of the Pottery Association.

Cultural interaction of Iranian and Italian artists

During the visit, Ebadreza Eslami Kolaee, referring to the high potential of cooperation between Iran and Italy, stressed the need to increase artistic interactions, especially joint cultural and artistic programs between the two countries, and strengthen effective and efficient relations between European countries and Iran.

The President of Niavaran Cultural Center also expressed interest in signing a memorandum of cooperation between Niavaran Cultural Center and Italy's most important historical centers.


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