Iran is concerned over tensions in Syria

Tehran (IP) - In a statement on the latest developments in Syria's Idlib, the Iranian Foreign Ministry condemned the actions of third parties to undermine the "Astana process", expressing its concern on the escalation of tension in the region.

Iran Press/commentary: The statement, issued on Friday 29 February, stated that "Iran, given the previous decision by the leaders of countries involved in the Astana process, believes that the process could take effective step by the continuation of previous agreements on the fight against terrorism, avoiding any harm to civilians and the political settlement of disputes.

Operations by the Syrian army and its allies in Idlib province, the latest base of terrorist groups in the country, have sparked Turkey's backlash and repeated threats.

In recent days, the Turkish military has been targeting Syrian army positions and infrastructure in the Idlib province. Meanwhile, Turkish troops have entered areas in northern Syria.

Clashes have taken place between Ankara and Damascus forces as the Syrian army continues to advance and liberate the last terrorist bases in Idlib and Aleppo provinces.

In the aftermath of the clashes, 34 Turkish military forces were also killed in Thursday night's attacks on Syrian and Russian fighters targeting the terrorist headquarters in Idlib.

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Meanwhile, last week, following the death of several Turkish troops in northwest Syria, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had threatened to target Syrian troops, regardless of the "Astana" agreement and Sochi" if there is an attack on Turkish troops in Syria.

The crisis in Ankara-Damascus relations has now increased unprecedentedly and has given rise to new tensions, especially as the United States has also supported Ankara in the process. As the US State Department issued a statement: "We support Turkey as our NATO ally."

The US State Department announced that it is considering possible options to support Turkey in the face of the Idlib crisis.

What is certain is that the United States in Idlib is seeking to create tension and turmoil in the political solution to the Syrian crisis. "Since the spread of terrorism in Idlib five years ago under the control of the Turkish military five years ago, the Turkish military has been through the veil," said Wafiq Ibrahim, a political analyst from Lebanon expressing true US goals in Syria. Had the Americans advanced, they would not have fired a single shot at the terrorists because they supported the Turkish alliance with the terrorists against the Syrian army."

Idlib is now at the heart of the conflict entangling "Russia, Turkey, the United States", "Syria, and the Terrorists". The United States' embrace of Turkey's possible departure from the Astana and the Sochi talks on Syria should be assessed in this regard.

In such a critical situation, returning to negotiation is the most logical way that can prevent tensions from escalating. By approach of the negotiations, both sides can achieve solutions that the current crisis will not reach an irreversible point; Tehran welcomes such negotiations.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has emphasized that it remains in touch with its partners in the Astana process and will continue its efforts to put an end to the current inflated conditions. 

Author: Jamshid Aminzadeh


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Iran is concerned over tensions in Syria
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