Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Minister of Health has said that the Iranian Corona vaccine has successfully tested its animal models and many Iranian scientists have taken quick steps to develop the COVID-19 vaccine.

Iran PressIran news: At the opening ceremony of the Second Pharmex Exhibition, the Iranian Minister of Health Saeed Namaki, said: "Last year was a glorious year for our country and despite all hardships imposed on us due to cruel and inhumane sanctions, our colleagues in the Ministry worked hard in the pharmaceutical industry to provide the needs of the people."

"Although COVID-19 was a disaster, it taught great lessons. In 60 days, we became the exporter of health and sanitary products. In addition, we have learned that the whole world must be together and it must be noted that the countries around the world cannot operate isolated to combat Coronavirus. The world can be united in vaccine development and drug production," he said.

"We have taken effective steps to make the vaccine, and many Iranian scientists have taken quick steps to produce the COVID-19 vaccine. Today, we have taken a good step in making the Corona vaccine," He said, adding: "The Iranian Coronavirus vaccine has successfully tested animal models."

Iran's Health Minister has said that due to the supports of local productions and avoiding imports, the country could save 600 million Euros in the last Iranian year, which is equivalent to 20% of the hard currency we used. According to Namaki, Iranian companies had a 30% increase in production in the last year.

Namaki went on saying: "Earlier, we export petrochemicals at low prices and import raw materials or pharmaceutical intermediaries at 50 to 100 times. Fortunately, this year, we have taken good steps in this area and will become a major pharmaceutical exporter in the near future. We will supply raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediaries with the cheapest prices and the highest quality in the world's markets." 

Today and after a 4-month delay, the Pharmax 2020 International Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition starts at the Olympic Hotel with the participation of the manufacturers and specialists of this industry and with the virtual presence of the Minister of Health, and Medical Education.

In this exhibition, 208 active companies in the pharmaceutical industry present their latest achievements and capabilities. 212/ 207

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