Jul 12, 2020 09:24 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 01, 2020 14:48 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP): The Iranian President's Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi stressed the fact that the framework of the Iran-China's comprehensive plan of cooperation for 25 years has not yet been finalized saying that the plan has turn out to be the pretext for the enemies to exert more pressure on Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at the television program on Saturday night, Vaezi referred to Tehran-Beijing cooperation plan for 25 years saying that in the last decade Iran, China ties have been developed in the different aspects and it had reached for a while to the point where the volume of trade between the two countries reached 50 billion dollars.

Vaezi went on to explain further that "In 2015, the President of China met with Dr. Rouhani and during that meeting, the volume of economic and cultural relations between Iran and China as two reliable partners was discussed. The two presidents announced that year that they were seeking a long-term partnership document to pursue strategic relations between the two countries."

Iranian President's Chief of Staff stated: "This document was discussed during the visit of the two presidents and the visit of the foreign ministers of Iran and China, including Zarif or Iran's Speaker of the parliament Ali Larijani to China last year."

"This document had an initial draft that was sent to China last year and comments were made on the Iranian draft, and now we are going to announce our views," Vaezi said, noting that the framework of this document has been specified but no final agreement has been reached, and until this document is finalized, it is obvious that its clauses will not be announced.

According to him, "Inside Iran, relations with China are supported, and the officials of the two countries welcomed the long-term relations, and we are negotiating such conditions with Russia and some neighbors. Iran is a power in the region and cooperates with other countries as an Asian power, and the enemies want to use it as pressure."

In this document, we clarified the plan of cooperation and did not reach a commitment. It did not enter into the discussion of Kish and Qeshm and the number of military forces and the construction of a military base, and those who raised these issues had nothing to do with the document and came to touch the sensitivity of the regime and the people and disrupt Iran-China relations. If we had done the same with Russia, there would have been such discussions.

"Americans want to make a rift between the people and the system and the authorities, and because they have not been able to become successful through exerting economic pressures and psychological warfare, they are resorting to these methods," he said.

These issues are illusions and rumors, and these issues are not mentioned in the document.

On June 21, 2020, the final draft of the 25-year plan for the Comprehensive Document on Cooperation between Iran and China was approved by Iran's Government, which covers all areas؛ including oil, gas, and electronics and it can be a clear roadmap for future relations between the two countries.


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