Jul 05, 2020 10:58 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 05, 2020 13:37 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Iranian Foreign Minister stressed at the open session of the parliament that he had made every effort to reduce the economic pressure and Iran is removing the US dollar from its trade currencies in this regard.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif added: "Removing the dollar from Iran's trade in commercial interaction with some countries will reduce the pressure of sanctions and we will pursue this issue by bartering to have success."

In the other part of his speech, Foreign Minister Zarif, referring to the US efforts to maintain the previous conditions in the international arena, said: "The US is trying to securitize the world to maintain previous conditions."

Noting that the United States has also faced the Coronavirus with securitization approach, the foreign minister added: "The United States treats China as if the Coronavirus is a security development. Although there are some theories that Coronavirus is a security issue on both sides, the United States has its own reasons to securitize it."

US is pursuing its goals by securitizing world's issues

Stating that the United States is trying to put pressure on Iran by securitization, the Iranian foreign minister also added that the United States is trying to target Iran's interests in the region.

Mohammad Javad Zarif called it a US full-scale war against Iran and added the United States through securitization wants to introduce Iran as a security threat to the world.

"One of the things the United States is doing is putting pressure on Iran's friends and targeting Iran's interests in the region," Zarif highlighted.

The most important goal that the United States pursues, Zarif says, is to separate the people from the government and to make the system inefficient and to de-legitimate the system.

 "The second issue is the focus on the region and its neighbors. Iran should be recognized as a provider of security, stability, and development for its neighbors," Iran's top diplomat stressed.

"Our neighbors need to feel that they have the best relationship with Iran, that is why I have had the most contact with our neighbors in the last seven years," Mohammad Javad Zarif continued.

"Today we have the best relations with Turkey, Russia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Pakistan and some of our southern neighbors who wanted good relations with Iran," he said.

"I have made more than 20 trips to Russia and 20 trips to Turkey, multiple trips to Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq all indicate a focus on neighborliness," Iran's minister concluded.


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