Jul 04, 2020 08:47 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 04, 2020 09:31 Asia/Tehran]

Sisakht (IP) - Deh Sheykh-e Pataveh Cave is located 35 km from Sisakht, in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, southwestern Iran.

Iran Press/Iran News: Deh Sheikh Cave has been registered as the third national and natural monument of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province and the attractions of this cave are as good as the world's natural monuments. It is also considered an important capacity for tourism prosperity.

The mysterious warmth of winter and the pleasant coolness of summer has doubled the attractions of the historic cave.

According to an archaeologist, the bones found in the Deh Sheikh Cave indicates that humans used to live in the cave but did not have a role in its construction.

Over time, the drops of water falling from the roof of Deh Sheikh Cave have formed icicles and beautiful and unique composition.

Mohammad Kazem Rahmani, one of the archaeologists who studied the Deh Sheikh Cave, believes that it belongs to the second period of geology, which is about 135 million years ago.


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