Jun 28, 2020 09:46 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 12, 2020 14:54 Asia/Tehran]

Shiraz (IP)- The holy shrine of Ahmad ibn-e Mousa known as Shah-e Cheragh is located in Shiraz, the capital of Fars province in the south of Iran, and these days, at the same time as the coronavirus is spreading, it is hosting pilgrims who have gone there in compliance with health protocols.

Iran PressIran news: The exact date of the birth of Hazrat Ahmad ibn-e Mousa Shah-e Cheragh (AS) is not known, but the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution of Iran named the 28th June as Ahmad ibn-e Mousa Shah-e Cheragh's birthday.

On the occasion of Ahmad ibn-e Mousa's commemoration day, various programs are held in this religious place in accordance with health protocols.


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