May 24, 2020 11:48 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jun 28, 2020 14:53 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP)- The chairman of Iran's Crisis Management Organization Esmail Najar said chiefs of crisis management departments and governors-general of provinces are involved in cooperation, assisting, and providing the Health Ministry with equipment, and facilities to combat COVID-19 across Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: On the sideline of Eid-al Fitr nationwide prayers, Head of Iran's Crisis Management Organization in an exclusive interview with Iran Press on the role of the organization in combating coronavirus stated, "National Task Force for combating Corona has been shaped initially chaired by Interior Minister then the president Hassan Rouhani took the responsibility when the case turned nationwide since February 20th."

Najar said all the organizations' duties have been defined to implement during the outbreak in 15 approvals as the national matter.

Turning the case to national matter, the president, Hassan Rouhani has given full authority to the Health Ministry to peruse and take any measures, added the official.

The chairman of Iran's Crisis Management Organization highlighted, "Fortunately, all together and with people's cooperation the infections have dropped."

Najar expressed hope that by implementing hygienic, health protocols, and keeping social distancing, we will succeed in containing and uprooting the virus soon.


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