Mar 24, 2020 00:41 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Mar 24, 2020 01:07 Asia/Tehran]
  • Russian official criticizes continuation of US sanctions against Iran, Venezuela

Vienna (IP) - Russia's permanent representative to international organizations based in Vienna blamed Western countries specifically the US for the continuation of the unfair sanctions against Iran and Venezuela.

Iran PressIran News: Russia's permanent representative to international organizations based in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov on his latest tweet stressed the need for solidarity of all states in fighting against COVID-19 pandemic.

Russia’s top diplomat questioned the continuation of the sanctions imposed on Iran and Venezuela despite the spread of the fatal novel Coronavirus.

“Why Russia, China, and Cuba only provide assistance to Italy in a difficult moment?” Ulyanov wrote on his twitter page.

He also expressed his objection towards the passive stance of Europe and the US at this time of crisis by criticizing today’s wrong trend in this regard.

In recent weeks, following the spread of the novel Coronavirus in Iran and around the world, the officials in some countries, including Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, and China, have called for lifting the US unilateral and illegal sanctions against Iran.

Washington's unilateral and outrageous sanctions, which include basic items, and even medicines and medical supplies, have created many problems for the Iranian people, especially for those who suffer from COVID-19.

US President Donald Trump, however, insisted on Friday that he opposed lifting sanctions on Iran.


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