Feb 26, 2020 23:07 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Apr 10, 2020 14:23 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Iranian Minister of Health and Medical Education, reacted to US Secretary of State Pompeo's accusation against Iran dealing with Coronavirus and referred to nine positive tests in occupied lands, describing the United States and the Zionist regime as the biggest liar political regimes in the world.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iranian Minister of Health and Medical Education and the Head of Anti-Coronavirus Headquarters Saeed Namaki in an answer to Iran Press correspondent question about Pompeo's accusation against Iran dealing with Coronavirus said: "Americans have told the biggest lie in history. They announced that they had exempted medicine and medical equipment from the Iranian sanctions, but unfortunately with the exception of importing two million euros of medical equipment from Switzerland, we provided the rest of our needs, which was three billion euros bypassing the sanctions."

"The Zionist regime and the US are two big liars," Namaki continued.

"Three days ago, a group of South-Korean tourists traveled into the occupied territories, but when they returned to South Korea, nine had been infected with the COVID-19, indicating that the Zionist regime was the biggest liar in history because it had not declared the territory as infected areas," the official concluded.


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