Feb 24, 2020 11:38 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jun 01, 2020 07:27 Asia/Tehran]
  • Parliament rejected government budget bill
    Parliament rejected government budget bill

Tehran (IP) - During today's Parliament open session, the Integration Commission report on the Budget of the year 1399 (starting on 2020, March 21) was presented.

Iran PressIran newsIran's Parliament's Budget Integration Commission spokesman Hadi Ghavami stated, "The budget of the year 1399 was reviewed and amended in 33 official meetings with the participation of experts. Reducing the dependency of budget on oil revenues is an important feature of the budget for 1399." 

He further noted, "The amount of budget of 1399 is 2 million and 176,000 billion tomans which have a share of public resources amounting to 560,000 billion tomans. In this budget, the share of corporations, banks, and government offices is 1 million and 435,000 billion tomans." 

Finaly,Parliament rejected general budget bill proposed by government for the year of 1399 (2020/2021).

The closed session of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) kicked off at 8 this morning with the attendance of Iranian Health Minister Saeid Namaki to review the issue of Coronavirus in Iran. The session is held after about a 20-day break. 212/ 205

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