Dec 12, 2019 16:09 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jun 22, 2020 13:52 Asia/Tehran]

Mashhad (IP)- Iran's Central Bank Head said that the result of sanctions imposed will nothing but the growth of national production and non-oil exports as well as the rise of Iran's power and elegance in the region and world.

Iran Press/Iran news: The Governor of the Central Bank of Iran Abdol Naser Hemati who attended a conference of 'Banking Network, Aid of Empowering the Needy' on Thursday in Mashhad of Razavi Khorasan, east of Iran, ensured that providing currency sources and funding will not lead to unrestricted liquidity growth and that production will certainly be supported.

"In the two weeks since the currency fluctuations occurred, I had promised to restore that stability, and fortunately this stability has returned," Hemati remarked.

The one-day conference of 'Banking Network, Aid of Empowering the Needy' was held with the aim of empowerment and generation of sustainable income and productivity model with low-level financial aid, attended by Bank Managers and the Imam Khomeini Relief Committees across the country at Samen ul-Aemmah Camp in Mashhad.

Attracting 3,500 billion tomans, the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee has generated jobs for 92,000 people from the beginning of the current year.

On the sidelines of the conference also an exhibition of the empowerment achievements of Imam Khomeini Relief Committee was held which Hemati visited.


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