Oct 16, 2019 20:14 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Apr 10, 2020 14:23 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Head of Tourism Commission of Iran Chamber of Commerce Ali Akbar Abdolmaleki said that teaching young people and students how to greet and interact with tourists can play a major role in boosting tourism in this country.

Iran Press/Iran news: Head of Tourism Commission and Affiliated Businesses of Iran Chamber of Commerce Ali Akbar Abdolmaleki in an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Wednesday said: "One of the biggest infrastructures and developments in our beloved Iran is ethnic, linguistic, cultural and food diversity and clothing diversity. This is Iran's biggest attraction, as far as tourism is concerned, and plays a huge role in attracting tourists into the tourism industry. The ethnic and linguistic  diversity of Iran is a major plus factor in attracting tourists." 

"The Chamber of Commerce has 18 commissions, one of which is the Commission on the Tourism industry and related businesses, which has its own subcommittees, including airlines, tour operators and hoteliers. All of these are registered in the Chamber of Commerce. All of these can provide services to tourism stakeholders within the Tourism Commission," he added.

Abdolmaleki reiterated that education and training also play a big role in attracting tourists into this country. He added: "If we can teach our students how to treat tourists, it will certainly play a major role in attracting tourists to this country and it will result in the creation of jobs."

In further comments, Abdolmaleki said: "Organising Iranian cultural events in specific target countries can also help attract tourists into Iran. For example, an Iranian cultural week is now underway in Tokyo Japan, and events such as this can attract tourists -- people who wish to visit Iran and get to know Iran." 101/211/207

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