Sep 20, 2019 14:14 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jun 01, 2020 07:27 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran's interim Friday prayers leader emphasized on the importance of school education, saying that if children are nurtured, the US and other Iran's enemies can't do a damn thing against us.

Iran Press/Iran news: Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahhedi Kermani, Tehran's interim Friday Prayers Leader addressing prayers in Tehran Friday prayer noted to US officials lying in Yemeni Ansarullah Attack on Saudi facilities and the US and its allies including Saudi Arabia propaganda to relating the attack to Iran.

Although the Yemeni army takes responsibility for the 14 Sep. retaliatory attack to Saudi Aramco oil facilities and declared that strikes were in response to the ongoing Saudi airstrikes and war crimes in Yemen, the US allegedly accuse Iran of having a role in the attack, Iran Press reported.

Iran has consistently denied involvement in the attacks and on Wednesday, sent a cable to Washington formally denying any role in the attack.

Iran's Foreign Ministry has submitted a letter of protest to the Swiss embassy in Tehran, the protector of Washington’s interests, as the US rushed to accuse Iran of being behind the assault, without providing any evidence.

In a statement on Wednesday, Foreign Ministry said the letter contained Tehran’s protest against the US accusation, denying Iran's involvement in drone attacks on Saudi Arabia's oil sites.

Ayatollah Movahedi-Kermani said while the enemy seeks its goal via telling lies, we should follow our policy of ‘resistance economy and the US and its allies cant do anything wrong against Iran.


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