Aug 22, 2019 09:38 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Oct 04, 2019 12:00 Asia/Tehran]
  • Seyed Amirhosein Azimi
    Seyed Amirhosein Azimi

Chabahar (IP) - The massive Monsoon waves which reach almost 4 meters length create a unique beauty on the rocky shores of Chabahar Port in South East of Iran.

Iran Press/Iran News: Monsoon is the season of roaring waves and spring weather on the Makran oceanic coasts, especially in Chabahar Port. 

The monsoon season, which starts in early June and reaches its best in August, brings the cooler weather from Makran beaches in Chabahar to the Gwadar Port in Pakistan, Iran Press reported.

Chabahar's air temperature in the Monsoon season is 28 degrees Celsius, which along with spring breeze and wave sprays create an amazing phenomenon that demonstrates the power of nature. 205/208

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