Aleppo (IP) - Third consignment of Iran’s humanitarian assistance for the quake-hit people has arrived at the Aleppo International Airport in Syria and Iranian humanitarian aid and rescue experts are working on the earthquake-affected areas.

Iran PressMiddle East: Türkiye's disaster agency AFAD in its latest statement on Wednesday announced that the death toll from Monday's earthquakes in southern Türkiye climbs to 6,234, which increased the number of victims in Türkiye and Syria to more than 8,903 people.

Iranian Aid and Rescue forces on Wednesday moreover participation in the rescue operation distributed Aid packages among disaster-affected people of Aleppo in different neighborhoods.

On Tuesday afternoon, the second plane carrying 30 tons of Iranian humanitarian aid arrived at Latakia airport.


Death toll from earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria exceed 8,900 people

Earlier on Monday, the first batch of Iran's humanitarian aid, consisting of 45 tons of pharmaceutical, food, and health assistance received in Syria.

Iranian humanitarian aid plane arrives at Damascus airport


Iranian aid was sent to Syria and Turkey, official says

The Minister of Interior said: Iran's humanitarian aid has been sent to Turkey and Syria

Ahmed Vahidi stated on the sideline of the cabinet meeting on Wednesday: "We announced our readiness to help these countries, and we sent the aid".

The international community's sanction against the Syrian government and the impossibility of sending large international aid has made the situation of the people in Aleppo and other northern parts of Syria very critical.

Earlier in a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Syria called on the member states of the United Nations, the UN secretariat, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and other governmental and non-governmental institutions to help Syria and the Syrian government to solve the humanitarian disaster caused by the recent earthquake.


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