Qom (IP) - A senior foreign advisor to the parliament speaker of Iran said Iran has a precise and wise strategy supporting the oppressed Muslims of Palestine.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at the Second International Congress of Holy Quds, held via videoconferencing on Tuesday, Hossein Amirabdollahian said: "To defend the oppressed Muslims of Palestine, we have a precise and wise strategy in support of Palestine and insecure the situation for the Zionists. Instead of the Zionists being behind the borders of Iran, Iran's allies are around the occupied territories, and the Zionists have built concrete walls around themselves for fear of resistance.”

Amirabdollahian referred to some Arab states’ normalization of ties with the Israeli regime and said: "The International Quds Day is being held at a time when the rulers of a few Islamic countries, such as the UAE and Bahrain, have signed an agreement to normalize relations with Israel under US pressure, while public opinion in the region opposes the normalization of ties.”

He further stated that the normalization of relations by the Arab rulers was not a sign of Israel's strength, but the Zionists sought to normalize relations due to their weakness. 

“The UAE and Bahrain did not play a role in supporting the resistance, so now their betrayal will not affect the resistance. But their betrayal is unforgivable,” he recalled.

The senior foreign advisor to the Iranian parliament speaker added: "The Zionists are in their worst situation now, and there is a political stalemate in Israel. The holding of consecutive parliamentary elections and the failure to form a unified government in Israel is a sign of Israel's weakness.”

Netanyahu had numerous corruption cases, embezzlement, and bribery, but the Israeli government could not deal with him, he noted.

The Iranian official said the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine was at the height of power and stated: "Despite all the pressures on the resistance, it plays a great role in the region's stability, and Iran strongly supports the Palestinian people."Referring to Iran's position, Amir-Abdollahian noted: "Iran, under the leadership of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, holds the flag of the liberation of Palestine, and God willing, we will pray in the Holy Quds."

The Second International Congress of Holy Quds started on Tuesday in the videoconference format with the slogan of “al-Quds is closest,” with the attendance of national and international figures from different countries.

Thirty national and international figures from Iran, Palestine, Malaysia, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, France, Argentina, Iraq, Turkey, Chile, UAE, Lebanon, Syria, Britain, Canada, and Tunisia, have attended the two-day conference.