Tehran (IP) - The Minister of Communications and Information Technology stated that the Iran government is looking for general electronic services in the administration.

Iran PressIran news: Attending the open chamber of parliament on Tuesday, Issa Zarepuor said that according to global indicators, in terms of the level of electronic services, Iran's rank is 89, and in terms of the electronic participation index, it ranks 118th."

Stating that many measures have been taken to realize the intelligent administration, Zarepour said that with the approvals in the Supreme Council of Information Technology and the authorizations of the parliament in the 2022 budget plan, the aim became more operational.

The Iranian Minister of Communications and Information Technology underlined: "In e-government, the usual electronic processes are carried out in person, but in intelligent government, the information of all government departments is connected.

People can use government services around the clock, he said.


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