Tehran (IP) - Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman condemned the coup attempt in Bolivia and said that Iran is against the coup which is against the foundations of democracy and is an attack on democratic institutions and legal government.

Iran Press/Iran news: Nasser Kanaani, the spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed the restoration of law and order and the return of power to the legal government of this country.

A dramatic US-backed coup attempt aimed at Bolivian President Luis Arce was stopped in its tracks by the arrest of Army Commander, General Juan José Zúñiga.

On Thursday morning, Bolivia’s President Luis Arce’s government and the social movements of the country defeated a right-wing, anti-democratic coup attempt in which heavily armed troops, led by an army general, General Juan José Zúñiga, stormed the governmental palace, and seized control of a main La Paz square.

Armored vehicles smashed into the government palace, yet Arce stood strong, swiftly replacing the defiant army commander.

His firm actions, backed by massive support from the public waving national flags, led to the troops pulling back.

Bolivian President Luis Arce has met the leader of the attempted military coup in Bolivia face to face at the doors of the Presidential Palace.

Bolivian president emerges victorious from the palace: "Brothers, I want to thank you. You have mobilized quickly throughout the country... No one can take away the democracy we've earned in the streets through the blood of the Bolivian people!"

The leader of the attempted coup, Juan José Zúñiga, has been arrested by his troops.

The Bolivian government is a big supporter of the Global South and has applied for BRICS membership.