New York (IP)- Iran's ambassador and deputy representative to the United Nations condemned the coercive and unjust actions that have affected the countries' health sectors and called for effective action by the international community to end unilateral sanctions against Iran.

Iran PressAmerica: Zahra Ershadi addressed the General Assembly on AIDS on Friday evening, saying: "As the UN Secretary-General's report calls for the elimination of inequalities to end the AIDS pandemic, efforts to eradicate the disease by 2030 are behind schedule. Therefore, member states must take effective and serious action to address the challenges that lead to delays in achieving this goal."

The senior diplomat stated: "The world is currently facing not only the HIV pandemic, but also the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, and we witness that in such a dire situation, the world is struggling to overcome barriers to equal access to healthcare."

Referring to the achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the fight against AIDS, the Iranian ambassador and deputy representative to the United Nations said: "The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the few countries in Asia that has made significant achievements in controlling and treating the HIV. Iran is also one of the countries that provides free access to the health and specialized care needs of people living with the AIDS."

"Eradicating mother-to-child transmission of the AIDS is one of Iran's top priorities, and the UN Joint AIDS Program could play an important role in this regard," the diplomat highlighted.

The senior diplomat of the Islamic Republic of Iran underlined: "As emphasized in the third recommendation of the Secretary-General's report, it is necessary for the latest drugs and the latest health technologies related to HIV prevention and treatment to be available to developing countries as soon as possible. Therefore, in view of this emphasis, it is necessary to remove all barriers to such access."

Ershadi added: "Unfortunately, unilateral coercive measures, including unilateral economic, financial and banking sanctions imposed on Iran, have seriously violated the right of access to healthcare for Iranians, and especially those who face problems with the HIV are directly affected by this situation."

Ershadi said that unilateral, coercive and unjust sanctions have blocked the usual channels of international cooperation and are a source of concern that has negatively affected Iran's efforts to combat these diseases, as well as they severely limited the timely and effective access to diagnosis, medicine, treatment, the medical equipment and technologies needed to provide comprehensive health care, especially for people with the AIDS."


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