Tehran (IP) - Iran's Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Minister and Foreign Minister of Burkina Faso emphasized the expansion of cooperation between the two countries in different areas.

Iran PressIran news: Burkina Faso's Foreign Minister Olivia Rwamba met with Iran's Cooperatives, Labor, and Social Welfare Minister Solat Mortazavi in Tehran on Monday.

Solat Mortazavi referred during the meeting to Iran's good relations with all African countries after the victory of the Islamic Revolution and voiced the Islamic Republic of Iran's readiness to transfer its experiences and achievements to friendly countries, especially in Africa.

Mortazavi announced Iran's readiness to cooperate with Burkina Faso for the workforce.

Olivia Rwamba , for her part, said that Burkina Faso is interested in strengthening mutual ties with Iran.

Rwamba also said there are many opportunities and areas in which the two countries can work together.

She expressed hope that with an increase in mutual visits of the Iranian and Burkina Fasan top officials, the two nations will witness further expansion of cooperation.

The meeting aimed to develop multilateral cooperation between Iran and Burkina Faso in technical and industrial fields, engineering services, energy, vocational training, infrastructure projects, transformation industries, chemical products, iron and steel, and social support.


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