Yerevan (IP) - The minister of roads and urban development of Iran arrived in Yerevan to study ways to expand cooperation between Iran and Armenia in the field of transportation.

Iran Press/Asia: "Mohammad Eslami", the Minister of Roads and Urban Development of Iran, arrived in Armenia last night (Sunday) aiming at consulting on the use of the Armenian route in a part of the north-south corridor.

Eslami is scheduled to meet with Suren Papikian, Minister of Regional Management and Infrastructure of Armenia, Vahan Karubian, Minister of Economy, and Mher Grigoryan, Deputy Prime Minister of Armenia.

Investigating transit and smoothing of combined transport from Iran to Armenia and adopting strategies to facilitate traffic and transit between the two countries by completing infrastructure and reducing road tolls and removing obstacles,  along with contribution in Armenia's infrastructure projects and reconstruction of transportation and road routes, review of flights and development of aviation cooperation between the two countries, preparation and signing of a memorandum of understanding on transport cooperation with Armenia are among the objectives of the Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development's visit to Armenia.


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