The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Tajikistan, participated and gave a speech at the meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Friendship and Cooperation Center on the topic of "Strengthening friendship and cooperation in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization family by expanding the dialogue of cultures."

Iran PressAsia: According to the Iran Press, during the meeting, which was attended by Zulfia Dolatzadeh, the Minister of Culture and other relevant officials of Tajikistan, as well as the ambassadors of the member countries of this organization, the Ambassador of Iran said that the Islamic Republic of Iran, has thousands of years of civilization.

Haghigian added: Iran has rich traditions, literature, poetry and art that reflect the beauty and depth of culture. Iran emphasizes educational and academic exchanges and the creation of scholarships and joint research programs in the Shanghai Organization to encourage students and researchers and is ready to cooperate in these fields.

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran added: Considering that economic cooperation is another way to exchange cultures, Iran, with its dynamic economy and strategic position, is eager to participate in economic projects within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Iranian diplomat added: Iran, with its rich heritage and diversity of ethnicities and cultures, can help to expand friendship and harmony in this organization.He stated: By strengthening cultural exchange, promoting linguistic diversity, supporting artistic endeavors, and investing in education and economic cooperation, we can build a future where the people of the region grow together in a peaceful life and mutual understanding.


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