Tehran (IP) - The third legal meeting to evaluate and discuss the legal dimensions of Israel's crimes and its allies in Gaza is underway with the presence of prominent political and international figures at Iran's National Defence University (NDU) on May 19, 2024.

Iran PressIran news: The attendees were from Russia, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Mauritania, Brazil, Pakistan, Venezuela, Egypt, Ghana, and Nigeria to show their solidarity with Palestinians and Gazans. The event discussed the international atrocities committed by the Israeli regime in Gaza, the right to armed defense of the Palestinians against the occupation, the rights and obligations of the international community in supporting Gazans, and the capacities of national and international authorities in prosecuting the perpetrators of crimes in Gaza.

Attending the event, the president of the Supreme National Defense University (SNDU) Brigadier General Esmail Ahmadi Moghadam stressed how holding such events would be fruitful in demolishing Israel as a cancerous tumor. Esmail Ahmadi Moghadam highlighted that Israel commits heinous crimes, being backed by its allies like the US. He expressed hope that the Gazans and Palestinians' resistance will expel Israel from their territories which have been occupied for so long while.

Russia urges documentation of genocides in Gaza 

In the meeting, the Russian representative stressed that the Genocide committed by Israel should be documented one by one.

Sergey Baburin said: "A case must be filed for every martyr of Gaza and the way how they were martyred."

He further mentioned two other proposals on behalf of his country, Russia noting: "All the resolutions regarding Palestine that have not been implemented by the United Nations should be removed, and a new resolution for Palestine should be determined without Israel's intervention, which means that Palestine should not be divided into two countries, but become a united single country."

He went on to conclude: "The next issue is Al-Quds, which should not be the center of the Zionists, and in the world arena, the capital must be determined for Palestine, and if Israel does not fulfill its obligations, I am sure that we will witness the destruction of Israel."

International lawyers highlight the need for action in Gaza 

In a unified call for justice, Iranian and international lawyers who attended the event have asked legal professionals around the world, to address the dire situation in Gaza. They all noted: "Oppressors and oppressed have always been in battles, and history has ever since taught us that battles have the main role in political changes in the world." The lawyers believed the contemporary era is not an exception to this rule, and there has always been a conflict between the oppressor and the oppressed.

They called on d the UN and international communities to the following demands:

1; Using human rights capacities to end arming the Israeli regime.

2; Forming a legal coalition among international lawyers against Israel.

3; Calling for the permanent membership of Palestine in the United Nations based on Resolution 181 and Article 4 of the United Nations Charter.

4; Issue statements to expel the Israeli regime from the United Nations and international institutions.


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