Islamabad (IP) - The Office of Iran's Cultural Attache to Pakistan in Islamabad organized a seminar to observe International Family Day to honor the Palestinian mothers and children who are victims of the Israeli genocidal war on Gaza.

Iran PressAsia: Eminent women from all over the country participated in the event and spoke on the topic on Thursday, May 16.  

Delivering speeches in the ceremony, Iran Cultural Attache Majeed Meshki, the Team Leader for Gaza Campaign Humaira Tayyba, the former Member of the National Assembly and the Secretary General of the women wing of Jamat-e Islami Ayesha Saeed, and others called for a global focus on the issue of the war on Gaza the victims of which are children and women. 

They said that the so-called human rights advocates cannot see that every woman in Gaza today is mentally strong enough to face all brutality with courage even when they have to bury their infants every day. 

The women speakers said that all should boycott Israeli products and the children should be aware of it as well: “We should raise children to be brave enough to distinguish between right and wrong".

The Iranian Cultural Attache Majeed Meshki told Iran Press on the sidelines of the ceremony that on International Family Day, a large group of worthy participants addressed here in favor of the Palestinian women and children as well as the importance of the family system and how it can play a vital role to strengthen the society.

The team leader of the Gaza Campaign Humera Tayyba told Iran Press that the whole world is the witness to this injustice going on in Gaza, every day parents collect the dead bodies of their children and listen to them crying under the debris.

Tayyba said that despite all of the tragedies, the Gazan mothers are not defeated and they are teaching their children to stay strong as this land belongs to them only.

Ayesha Saeed said that the most important impact on the women and children of Palestine is the mental and physical torture, they are homeless, deprived of basic needs and children are dying of hunger. 

"Why are the women's rights activists keeping silent over that? Is that woman of Palestine not a woman like other women, Palestinian children are not human? There were laws declared after World War II, there is the Geneva Convention, there are laws of human rights, so why are all these laws being ignored in Palestine?” she asked. 

Israeli unprecedented genocide of the Palestinian people began on October 7, as a result of which over 35,200 people have so far been martyred and over 78,100 others have been wounded, a significant part of whom are women and children.  

Amid this, the Gazan children are struggling with famine and starvation created due to the war.

Israel has occupied Palestine since 1948.